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Character: The Visitor
Series/Source Material: The Visitor [book]
Gender: Female
Age: 7 Billion Years Old

All questions, complaints or suggestions go here! Any help you can give me to play this character correctly is greatly appreciated!

General Info: The Visitor is a Godlet, a world builder appointed by her galaxy's version of a government. Her known accomplishments include the creation of Earth, and specifically the creation of the dinosaurs and humanity. She has since destroyed both the dinosaurs and the vast majority of humanity, when she found both failing to live up to their 'purpose'. The Visitor is powerful and often cruel, but she appreciates hard work and creativity, and looks fondly on those who she sees as 'intelligent' - namely those who work towards an equal and safe world for all of the creatures she has created.

Recently, The Visitor has developed a close relationship with the Inquestor Karakael, mostly as a result of their ability to understand eachother, and think on the galactic scale.

More information can be found here
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"Philanthropy could not wish to see this continent restored to the conditions in which it was found by our forefathers. What good man would prefer a country covered with forests and ranged by a few thousand savages to our extensive Republic?
- President Andrew Jackson, 1829, Case for the [Indian] Removal Act

Sometimes, when I read or experience humanity's history, I doubt there will ever be hope for your species. What could ten Newtons do that could combat what can be done by one Jackson? And there are far, far too few Newtons even in my world.

Still, I shall assure that there are no further monsters like this "Jackson" creature for quite some time. That, at least, I can do for my people.
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The Visitor recently asked a question of the community that resulted in her revealing far more about herself than getting any straight answers. Such is her purpose that she does not particularly mind such things. However, a reference to what the actual character said in the original canon might be useful for those attempting to follow the thread of her argument. Since, within her canon The Visitor has only one major scene, one which can be interpreted as a rant on all the topics discussed in her post, one might as well place it here.

canon scene )
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Hokh'Ton Karakael. Be warned that being virus-struck does not excuse you from missing out on any informal meetings we may have.

I will be most disappointed if you conveniently 'forget' the dinner you promised me.

Also, your children are worried. If this virus takes longer than a week I will be forced to take serious action, and remove its taint from your mind.
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I am, to put it lightly, very irritated. That fool Karakael thought he could judge my actions. Whats worse was that he was in the right.

I have no real desire to revenge myself upon him further, so I have resorted to one of the best stress or anger relieving strategies I have yet found.

I am making Weeds.

Few humans understand what pleasure creating a living creature can bring. Further still is the pleasure of creating a living, breathing species, especially one which has the potential for doing great good...

Or, in this case causing great havoc, followed by great good. If anyone else wishes a instant-forest feel free to ask. Side-effects may vary, but so far my sister Kore has been quite pleased with my accomplishments.

The seeds would be gifts from my universe to yours, so do not hesitate to ask!
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I have spoken quite recently with 'Ton Karakael, as he professed a desire to visit one of the worlds close to my domain. The world in question is only a few universes askance of my Earth, and I suppose he is wise in warning me first of his intentions.

The last time he ventured close to my domain he, or should I say "I', broke several of his ribs, and a few other bones. A misunderstanding, though the fault was his, not mine. This time he has been courteous enough to invite me along, a wise precaution on his part. From what he has said of the world, it is one already working towards 'utopia', and is possessed by a creature similar to myself. As such, I am quite interested of learning what this new plain has to offer.

Assuming my sisters agree, I shall happily investigate this universe. Hopefully it will prove a respite from the frustrations of my foolish pets.

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 *sigh* I am tired. How can such a small world have so many devils? I am so sick of fighting them. It takes so much energy to manifest myself, and so much more to keep the 'magic' of this world going. I suppose this 'livejournal' Karakael suggested will do well enough for a break.

Maybe I am getting old for this 'goding'. That or I am simply becoming quickly fed up with the stupidity of Humanity. I've hurled two asteroids into the planet, had my servants kill most of its demons, and Still I cannot let these humans go. MOST races by now would have realized their faults. But these seem intent of reliving their mistakes over and over again. Do they take some twisted pleasure in it? Or maybe the Keeper is right. A racial memory would be quite useful. Pity they are not already equipped with it.

But my little band of warriors is giving me hope. Bastion is cleared of the stench of the Fell, and the colleges established there are doing quite well. Already my prophesies are driving the wise to Bastion land, while the fools fall under my power. 'Separate the sheep from the shepherds' I told my Guardians. 'Teach one and protect the other'. 

I would love to be there, in Bastion land, teaching and inspiring with my servants. That is my true job. But instead I must deal with fools and bigots. 'Baa, baa, baa'. They are all like sheep. "Listen to me" "I beg you" "Kill him" "Protect me" "Let me win". Never have I despised prayers so. And now I have to listen to all of them. I pity the true gods of this race. 

Speaking of gods, there are still a few I need to defeat. And somehow I must convince Chasm that I am real...maybe talk to their Dobsinni. That might work. Though they will likely hurt the poor creatures trying to find the sources of the 'hallucinations'. Ah well.

At least this 'last chance' on Earth is going better than the last few times I've tried here. I suppose that should encourage me. I should enjoy the challenge. As is, I miss the company of my sisters. It has been so long since I've been able to simply talk to someone similar to myself. Maybe joining this Livejournal will help me.


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